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Founder's Greetings

My name is Ivan Ozhiganov and I am the Founder of Azoft in my professional life, captain of a sailboat in my private life, and just a seaman in my family, serving under my loveliest daughter and my beautiful wife.

Welcome aboard!

We greatly appreciate your visit and we are pleased to see you here.

To save your time, I will not talk long about each particular software development and IT technology we can utilize to serve any of your IT needs.

We can use any, but instead I want to take an opportunity to offer you something different and more valuable.

We have an understanding, we have responsibility and we have tailored approach. Those are the only tree simple things that make us different from a next-door competitor.

We understand the value of TIME, synergy and long-term business partnerships. We are responsible for everything we make for you by being highly educated and professional.

We have an in-depth expertise to effectively build custom software solutions for your specific business needs by having years of experience, learning from every project and customer.

Azoft has the only mission: to be a long-term and effective business partner with a human face for every individual entrepreneur or enterprise who is in need for custom software development services, powered by rich business domain expertise and unique knowledge.

I am looking forward to see you as Azoft friend. I am sure you will enjoy our work ethics, and your business will be contributed with superior and effective advantage of Russian IT Talents.

Sincerely yours,
Ivan Ozhiganov
Founder & COO

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