ColdFusion Application Development

Often times, taking advantage of the ColdFusion platform is a great approach when developing web applications. ColdFusion's main advantages include faster development time and simpler code (compared to ASP, PHP, or JSP). ColdFusion application development requires relatively little planning and is therefore very flexible.

Related Case Studies

Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

ColdFusion development is reliable and affordable, whether you are building a simple website or a powerful enterprise-level application.

ColdFusion, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL.

Interactive App for Floor Manufacturer's Website

Azoft developers relied on ColdFusion technology to develop an interactive web app for a European manufacturer of floors and ceilings. The main purpose of this application is to promote our client's product line, including a new selection of hardwood, vinyl and laminate floors. In addition, our developers were asked to integrate this new app with our client's existing CMS and e-commerce solution.

The resulting web application provides a rich user experience with several functionalities. Users are presented with multiple images of rooms, decorated in various ways. User can select from a variety of floor types and colors to see how each floor would look in different rooms.

ColdFusion, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, HTML, CSS.

ColdFusion Application for Cosmetics Store Chain

This project involved developing a ColdFusion web application for a U.S.-based cosmetics store chain. Our client wanted to add new functionality to attract more visitors to their existing website.

The resulting web application enables its users to take a short quiz and determine which products are ideal for their individual skin type and color. Based on quiz results and personal preferences, users are recommended new products. Customers can also sign-up to receive weekly emails with special offers and new product recommendations based on their individual characteristics.

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