WikiMate – Mobile LBS for Travelers

WikiMate  Mobile LBS for travelers

The Client

US-based IT consulting and software development services provider. They have been our loyal customer since 2003. Last year our main department focused on telecom became their official subdivision.

The Scope

Develop a prototype of an LBS location-aware application for all major mobile platforms.

The Solution

Location aware application for tourism designed for individuals, municipalities and travel organizations. The solution is designed to work anywhere in the world by leveraging Wiki latitude and longitude coordinates. Users can discover limitless local attractions, points of interests, shopping and entertainment as well as practical information such as public transportation locations, hospitals and grocery stores.

The application utilizes the LBS features native to the iPhone and Blackberry smartphones to quickly filter all desired local information. Users can set the ‘local area’ to be as narrow as 5km or as wide as 300km.

WikiMate provides fast and localized information for users in unfamiliar locations:

  • Point of Interest e.g. «where is the museum of modern history?»
  • Dinning Information e.g. «What four star restaurants are within walking distance?»
  • Leisure Information e.g. «Where is the club district?»
  • Personal Health e.g. «where is the nearest pharmacy?»
  • Traffic Information e.g. «traffic accident on the motorway, turn left on the M2»
  • Retail, e.g. «where is the nearest mobile retail store selling local SIM cards»
  • Road Service Information e.g. «Where is the nearest petrol station?»
  • Directions e.g. «I'm lost, where is nearest Metro station?»
  • Roadside Assistance e.g. «my vehicle has broken down at the intersection of…»


Available languages include: Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish.


iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, GPS, J2EE, XML

The Challenge

The application architecture was designed to take into account the intent to develop the solution for as many mobile platforms as possible. The expereince we gained upon completing this project allows us to quickly port mobile applications across major mobile platforms.

The Outcome

Tourists can receive more information about their surroundings from a trustworthy source on practically any mobile device.

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