Web Portal Spasibosberbank.travel for Sberbank

Web Portal Spasibosberbank.travel for Sberbank

The Client

Sberbank is one of the leading banks in Russia. The bank offers a loyalty program "Spasibo from Sberbank", which was launched several years ago. The program allows its participants to get SPASIBO bonuses for payments made with a Sberbank card. Members of the loyalty program can use these bonuses for buying goods and services in stores affiliated with the program.

The Scope

Sberbank business stakeholders decided to launch a new travel-related project in order to expand the existing loyalty program. The main goal of the project is to provide users with a single web portal for tourist services.

Spasibosberbank.travel Portal

The Solution

Azoft designed a comprehensive solution including a travel web portal for bank customers and an administrative panel for employees. The web portal helps users to search and buy airline tickets, book hotels, and purchase tours on commercially attractive terms. Services are available for loyalty program members, as well as for regular, non-member users. We implemented multifaceted functionality within the project.

Features for Users:

  • Authorization
  • Searching airline tickets
  • Filtering airline tickets
  • Selecting the fastest or the cheapest flight
  • Details about chosen flights
  • Searching and booking hotels
  • Review of purchase history

Features for Administrators:

  • Authorization
  • Order monitoring
  • Managing users
  • Managing service providers
  • Editing website pages
  • Administering special offers
  • Searching airline tickets
  • Checking information on partner websites

The Challenge

One of the projects’ key tasks was the development of a filtering algorithm to provide the opportunity to choose a trip according to different parameters:

  • Stops
  • Price
  • Airlines
  • Ticket refund
  • Bags
  • Flights
  • One way or Roundtrip
  • Departure time
  • Arrival time
  • Flight time
  • Airport of departure
  • Airport of arrival

The main complexity related to loading time. Lots of filters and lots of flights could slow down the loading process. We developed an Angular-based solution that allows filtering flights with various chosen parameters for a relatively short time. We also provided a mechanism for combining different flights. This feature was implemented in the following way: when a user selects a roundtrip flight, the filter shows different return flight options. So you can choose the most convenient flight back. When the flight is chosen, it becomes highlighted. These features bring great value to web portal users because customers can change many filters at one time and get the results very quickly.


Front-end: Angular, JQuery

Server-Side: Java, Hibernate, Spring, PrimeFaces, JavaMelody, Flyway, CXF, Jackson, PostgreSQL

The Outcome

The web portal Spasibosberbank.travel works successfully and efficiently and helps millions of users to buy the best airline tickets for any destinations. The resulting platform has a flexible system of content management and a convenient user interface.

The multifunctional system allows planning a trip for a specific date, selecting the flight and destination online. Because of the convenient navigation, users can buy plane tickets preliminarily and change the date or a flight path later if necessary. The web portal informs customers about all the possible changes, if they appear.

In addition users have the option to search for and book hotels and tours. They only need to choose the required section of the website. When users pay for the services with a Sberbank card, they get 1% of the paid sum in the form of SPASIBO bonuses. Bonuses can be exchanged for discounts of up to 99% of the airline ticket price.

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