Radiology Information System

Radiology Information System

The Client

Pro Medicus is a global provider of digital healthcare solutions including Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS), and 2D, 3D and 4D software. Pro Medicus has been working for over 25 years to streamline medical practice management, helping clients to enhance the efficiency of clinical and administrative staff and maximize profits.

The Scope

Partnering with Pro Medicus, Azoft has developed an RIS, which is an information management system for public and private health facilities that focuses on patient radiological data and imagery. This RIS includes a billing function and is easy to integrate with HIS, PACS, and other external systems using HL7 and DICOM data transfer standards.

The Solution

Written in Java and Apache Flex, RIS manages all aspects of a health facility’s daily routines, including administrative management, clinical reporting, and billing. It is capable of the following functions:

  • Storing patients' data;
  • Providing fast and easy access to information, images, and reports;
  • Registering patients;
  • Scheduling appointments;
  • Managing and updating worklists for technologists, radiologists, and transcribers;
  • Creating and managing worksheets and screening questionnaires;
  • Visualizing various aspects of practice performance;
  • Verifying insurance certificates;
  • Creating bills and billing reports;
  • Ensuring security for all documents and services.


Server app

  • Core: Java and JEE stack
  • Frameworks/Libraries: Hibernate, Spring, Lucene, Drools, jBPM, Restlet
  • Build tool: Maven
  • RDBMS: PostgreSQL
  • SCM: Git

Client app

  • Core: Apache Flex
  • Build tool: Gradle
  • SCM: Git

Medical standards and technologies


The Challenge

Intended for several clients working in various countries, the system is designed to offer a flexible system of business rules that can be applied for a particular client or country.

In addition, the RIS processes data needed by health specialists from various sources – EMR, mammography recalls, BI-RAD reporting, digital dictation and transcription, automated reports, scans – and interacts with various systems, e.g. HIS, PACS, voice recognition software, etc. We programmed integration with third-party systems, which was the most difficult aspect. In order to integrate with external systems, we prepared a special module that works autonomously and transmits data between our system, the internal system, and external systems. It saved us time and cut down the development costs.

The Outcome

Assigning all development and maintenance routines to Azoft proved to be efficient and time-saving. It took a huge burden off the company's team, allowing Pro Medicus to focus on enriching the existing features set and to plan new enhancements requested by clients.

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