Pool Game Simulator for iOS & Android

Pool Game Simulator for iOS and Android

The Client

Sam Deslandes is a freelance designer and a long time Azoft partner for mobile development.

The Scope

Sam received a contract to develop a billiards simulation game. He created the design and commissioned mobile application development to Azoft team.

"I'd like to thank Azoft team for their high-quality work and help with my mobile development project. The results fully met my expectations and all work was completed on time. Azoft's level of expertise and professionalism has been exceptional and it's been a pleasure working with them."

Sam Deslandes

The Solution

The simulator is not a game, but it allows punters to recreate the highlights of their parties, take screenshots and share them with friends and colleagues.

In iOS and Android applications, we use a powerful 3D-engine to simulate the movement and rotation of the billiard balls. One of our primary goals was realistic physics recreation.

In addition, the application is able to count the balls trapped in a pocket, and allows to move them around the screen using gestures.

The app is available in AppStore and Google Play.

8-ball Recall


iPhone, iOS 6/7/8, Android OS 3/4, Bullet engine (3D)

The Challenge

The most ambitious goal of the project was to create a realistic physics simulation of billiard balls. During the first stage, our developers conducted thorough research and carefully studied OpenGL principles and the possibilities of different physics engines. As a result, having considered various options, the team chose Libgdx and Bullet for implementation.

The adopted 3D technology will allow us to develop complex and interesting projects for the gaming and entertainment industries in future.

The Outcome

The customer was satisfied with the work done. Sam has noted the professional and result-oriented teamwork on the project. Thanks to our highly qualified developers, the work was completed ahead of schedule and did not exceed the budget.

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