• November 27, 2012

    Mobile Guide for Local Events and Venues
    Azoft developed both a client-side iPhone application and a server-side with support for a large volume of information and functionality. Information concerning thousands of events and venues is stored in a database, which is updates regularly.
  • November 6, 2012

    Mobile Application for Norwegian Fashion Retailer
    The client wanted to provide a mobile application to its customers to help them stay up-to-date with latest trends, find out about new arrivals, receive special offers, and find the nearest stores. Such mobile application would serve as an effective marketing tool.
  • October 24, 2012

    Smart TV App for Targeted Content Delivery
    Azoft developed both back-end and GoogleTV client side of a custom TV application for content delivery. The system makes it possible to deliver a variety of media content from the Internet to the television screen. This media content not only includes TV ads, but also weather forecasts, news, or any other content.
  • October 1, 2012

    Converting PDF into Mobile & Web Publications
    Our client asked us to develop a system that would make it possible to automatically convert a PDF version of a magazine into a mobile version for iOS and Android platforms, as well as automatically generate a web version in HTML5 format.
  • September 19, 2012

    Backend System Development for Telecom Operator
    Azoft developed a Blackberry application and a backend system for the leading Indonesian telecom operator for convenient and efficient estimation of the service quality. The Blackberry application works in background sending the data about the signal quality to the back-end at a set interval of time.
  • August 6, 2012

    iPhone Application for Online Shopping Experience
    First stage of the project involved the development of an iPhone application. The application allows on-line search for the products and executing a deal directly from the mobile device by on-line payment using customer credit card data.
  • July 15, 2012

    Payment Automation Tool for Energy Supplier
    We developed an iPhone application aimed to automate the payment issues between the client company and its subscribers. Since the main goal of the project was to make the application available for everyones use, the major requirement was making it maximal user-friendly.

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