Online Catalog for Real Estate Listings

Online Catalog for Real Estate Listings

The Client

Our client was a real estate agency based in Russia that specializes in selling residential and commercial property in Europe.

The Scope

The goal of this project was to develop an online platform for real estate listings. The solution includes a large database listing real estate for sale in Europe. Our client also wanted to develop additional functionality to provide a more personalized user experience.

The Solution

The resulting solution is a web portal for real estate listings offering residential and commercial property in Europe. Potential buyers can register and create an account, narrow down their search based on personal preferences, browse through property listings, and much more. Users can browse through the database and narrow down their search by region, price, housing type, size, etc. All information is updated in real time and as soon as something becomes unavailable it is immediately reflected on the website.

The Challenge

Before turning to Azoft, the client was already using a web solution that didn't fully meet business requirements. Azoft developers had to take into account all existing functionality and implement the new portal without any business disruptions for the client.

The Outcome

The new real estate portal was successfully implemented and launched without disrupting our client's business. Before the new solution was implemented, our client specialized in property located only in the Czech Republic. Soon after the new web portal was launched, our client decided to expand their services to other regions: Spain, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

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  • JC Lambert

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