Online Payment System for Russian Financial Group

Online Payment System for Russian Financial Group

The Scope

This project was dedicated to building Online Payment System (OPS). OPS provides businesses and individuals with a capability to accept and send payments. OPS keeps internal users’ accounts, which makes possible to freely transfer money among OPS users.

OPS has correspondent gates to the most of existing online payment systems like PayPal, Verisign and others. It makes possible for any user to put money on his accounts and then use them anywhere on the net. OPS supports credit cards, bank transfers, checks, transfers from other payment systems like PayPal, Verisign.

Withdrawal of funds from OPS is supported by transfers to credit card, bank transfer, transfer to other payment systems and checks.

The Solution

OPS was designed to provide wide set of interfaces for different types of businesses that are conducted by customer.

It has many services to ease their integration and provide orderliness of financial transactions among different businesses, nonetheless it provides and supports top-notch security and transactions safeness standards.

System's architecture is modular, with standalone, dedicated subsystems responsible for accounts, operations, transactions, anti-fraud, subaccounts, gates and interfaces. A lot of attention was paid to build a safe and reliable, yet productive billing core.

After load and performance tests were conducted on test-beds the customer decided to extend significantly the potential markets and users base.

OPS is available in several languages and has built-in support to ease adding other languages (multilingual support). This makes it accepted all over the world. Besides, OPS provides easy currency conversions, via account subaccounting system and conversion rates updated in real time.

Azoft exceeded customer's expectations on performance and stability. Our current efforts are devoted to continue accelerating the billing core yet keeping internal transaction cost as minimal as possible. We continue R&D activity in the area of performance tuning and reducing the cost of internal transaction.

OPS is designed also to be easily integrated with most banking systems, and can be used as Internet bank. Azoft provides integration and customization services to integrate OPS with bank's and clearing systems.


Oracle 9i or other transactional database, Resin 3.x or other free servelet engine, OpenLDAP, Java framework sets (Struts, junit, http/web unit). JDK 1.4.2.

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