RapidParcel: Mobile Website for Delivery

RapidParcel: Mobile Website for Delivery

The Client

Rapid Parcel is the leading courier comparison and booking service in the United Kingdom. The service offers discounted rates from various parcel delivery companies all over the world.

The Scope

RapidParcel management decided to take a step towards mobile users’ needs. The goal was to develop a mobile version of the company’s website in order to make RapidParcel services available at any time and place. After the first version was ready, RapidParcel turned to Azoft for further maintenance and enhancements.

The Solution

RapidParcel mobile website allows customers to order delivery within the UK and abroad, book courier services, track packages, and find the nearest points of parcel drop-off and shipment.

Taking advantage of geolocation services and integrated live chat, users can quickly receive all the necessary information and answers to their questions.


Java, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, CSS, HTML

The Challenge

Developed using Java technologies, RapidParcel’s website required specific skills and expertise in order to pick up its existing state and provide further maintenance and add new functionality.

Azoft began by reviewing existing architecture and code base, accompanied by online meetings with RapidParcel’s technical team to master the system and the business logic behind it. One of the major challenges was that existing implementation utilized several uncommon practices that Azoft Java team needed to adopt.

Secondly, RapidParcel had very limited timelines, so inception phase had to be completed very quickly. The work started with implementation of a small pilot task. Once it was completed and approved, Azoft proceeded with work on actual tasks from RapidParcel’s pipeline.

Since it was more comfortable for RapidParcel to provide tasks in portions, the project carried on in a way similar to agile methodology, with short 1-2 week sprints. Each sprint was finished with QA and regression testing in order to validate that recent changes did not introduce unwanted side effects and didn’t interfere with existing functionality.

The Outcome

RapidParcel received a quality solution that fully meets the needs of mobile customers. Thanks to live chat, conversion on the client’s website has increased significantly.

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