Mobile Healthcare Delivery Platform

Mobile Healthcare Delivery Platform

The Client

Our client has identified a business opportunity offering value added services in the form of Healthcare alerts and interactions delivered to and from mobile phones. By offering the mobile phone as a platform to remind, and solicit user feedback, on their compliance with health programs.

Health professionals are able to tap into US healthcare ‘ecosystem’ and analyze direct user feedback and correlate the information with prescription programs. In addition, pharmacies can use the application to automate prescription renewals.

The Scope

Our client needed to rapidly develop a mobile solution that included a multi-tier solution architecture consisting of several handset application variants, customer web portal as well as back end integration to carriers and vendor partners. The solution that was built provided a flexible platform for delivering value added services to the patient.

The Solution

Designed and developed Mobile Healthcare Platform is capable of providing the following services:

  • Managing customer registrations, updating prescriptions and dosages, and enabling reminder alert functionalities through a customer portal.
  • Prescription renewals are calculated based on dosage and prescription volume so that automatic alert notifications can be sent to the patient.
  • Automatic prescription renewal requests and notification of when the prescription is ready for pickup.
  • Integration with prescription drug databases for automated reminder schedules.
  • Integration to health media content providers for latest news regarding interested health topics.
  • Application runs in Trojan mode so that it is unobtrusive to the user.
  • Capturing user input for back end system analysis.
  • Over-The-Air application updates.

Patients can now have a mechanism to track their prescription drug intake as well as manage their portfolio of prescription drugs. Patients can use their mobile devices to:

  • Receive prescriptions reminders on the local application.
  • Respond to prescription adherence requirements to healthcare providers.
  • If prescription adherence was not determined, a next of kin can be notified.
  • Receive alerts of possible prescription drug conflicts.
  • Receive alerts for prescription renewals.
  • Automatically order prescription renewals.
  • Have access to the latest health news specific to their health conditions.

The Challenge

The success of this business opportunity is dependent on the ability of our client to offer this prescription service across multiple mobile phone networks and multiple mobile phone models. This is necessary so that the service is ubiquitous and can be offered to the large population of healthcare patients that already have existing mobile devices in service. Furthermore, this service must have the flexibility to use mobile phone data capabilities, as well as text messaging to keep the offering at a low cost to patient subscribers.

The Outcome

Healthcare providers now have a way to collect valuable patient data pertaining to prescription adherence. This information can be leveraged to understand the correlation between prescription drugs, and patient health. It can also be used to monitor insurance policy adherence allowing for proactive patient health recommendations and alternative health approaches.

Healthcare providers can use this platform to:

  • Automatically renew patient prescriptions and notify them when the prescription is ready for pick up.
  • Monitor prescription intake compliance.
  • Provide information and recommendations to their patients.

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