Mobile App for the Largest European Learning Platform

Mobile App for the Largest European Learning Platform

The Client

Apphuset is a software company based in Norway. They focus on mobile, web and backend development. Apphuset partnered with Azoft as a third party vendor to develop a mobile app for the largest European learning platform.

The Scope

The task was to develop a learning app for school children. Azoft built both iOS and Android versions.

The Solution

The apps we made provided school children with a smooth mobile experience and kept the values of the original web platform. The mobile apps are aimed at providing users with the core functionality of the web version in a user-friendly and lightweight way.

Learning app: features for users

Users are able to do the following within the app:

  • Receive updates on new courses and learning sessions
  • See a learning schedule and be notified when it’s changed
  • View homework and a task list
  • Upload additional content
  • Use the calendar
  • Follow events that matter
  • Receive notifications about new grades
  • Send messages to other students and teachers

The Challenge

We developed the app using Scrum, meaning all the work was divided into separate sprints. Throughout the project we faced sporadic updates of the requirements. Despite this, the app was released in time, safe and sound.


iOS, Objective-C, Android 4+, REST, JSON, AFNetworking, CocoaLumberjack, Reachability, FXKeychain, FacebookPop, OrmLite, OkHttp, EventBus

The Outcome

The app is integrated with the web platform and available in app stores. To become a user, you download it from the store and choose the website of a particular school. Both web and mobile versions of the platform are multilingual and can be used in many countries.

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