Smart TV App for Targeted Content Delivery

Smart TV App for Targeted Content Delivery

The Client

Our client was a marketing agency based in the United States. The agency turned to Azoft to come up with an innovative and effective means of delivering advertising content to a targeted audience.

The Scope

Smart TV provides a great opportunity to choose what is being shown on a television screen. Various business may take advantage of this opportunity to advertise particular products or services to a targeted audience. A custom TV application allows businesses to choose what advertising content to show during commercial breaks on television screens in public places.

The Solution

Azoft developed both back-end and GoogleTV client side of a custom TV application for content delivery. The system makes it possible to deliver a variety of media content from the Internet to the television screen. This media content not only includes TV ads, but also weather forecasts, news, or any other content from the internet, depending on who is watching the broadcast.

An application of this sort can be a very effective marketing tool in many situations, especially in a public settings. For example, considering that waiting rooms are often equipped with SmartTV systems, a business can deliver targeted ads to the customers in the waiting room, depending on the nature of the service they are waiting for.


Google TV, Android, REST, ORM, SQLite, AJAX, Apache Tomcat, IPTV

The Challenge

Although Smart TV application development field is growing very rapidly, this software development field is less common than mobile or web development. Considering this was Azoft's first experience with developing a Smart TV application, our developers had to devote some extra time and effort to make sure the system is coherent and error-free.

The Outcome

Azoft has successfully completed all development phases on time and within the client's budget. As a result, advertisers can reach a more targeted audience in public places, whether it is a waiting room of a dentist office, a hotel lobby, or a sports bar.

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