Game Web Service for Uploading and Watching Videos

Game Web Service for Uploading and Watching Videos

The Client

A private investor turned to Azoft with a startup idea of an entertainment web service for uploading author's videos.

The Scope

To develop an entertaining web service with double functionality. First, it has to provide an opportunity to upload and watch videos. Second, it has to be based on the game principle when users can guess the description of the author’s video and win money.

The Solution

The resulting web application is developed in a way that authors of the videos can not only upload their videos but also make money on the attempts of other users to guess a video description. At the same time, users can get a profit if they give a right answer.

The system is targeted to two categories of users: customers and administrators. Customers get access to the following features:

  • Registration
  • Authorization
  • Video upload
  • Adding key phrase to the video description
  • Monitoring statistics for their own videos
  • Managing the personal financial account
  • Video guess

Vimepot: features for customers

Administrators have their list of available functions:

  • Authorization
  • Managing users
  • Managing videos including the opportunity to lock and to delete
  • Monitoring the general statistics including financial data

Financial operations can be implemented within the web service due to the integration with PayPal.


Yii2, MySQL, PHP 5.5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap 3, NodeJS, Sphinx, Redis, Libav

The Outcome

The developed web service allows to easily upload and watch author’s videos as well as win money. PayPal integration provides a simple way of money transfer for the authors of videos and the accrual of interest for the users who guess the key phrases correctly.

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