Global Track Fleet Tracking System

Global Track Fleet Tracking System

The Client

Global Track project was carried out by Azoft at request of «Zodchij» company that specializes in building and construction industry in Samara, Russia. The project implements a web-system of vehicle tracking based on GPS technology and mobile devices.

Though this service was beyond the main business of the company, they felt that mobile and high-speed Internet coverage in Russia along with structuring of logistics market must create demand for such product. Azoft was selected to develop the solution because of its experience in LBS & Fleet Tracking projects.

The Solution

The system allows for real-time tracking of vehicles throughout Russia. The route is displayed over the map with high precision (about 5 meters) in real time. Extra information is available, such as current speed or street address.

Various reports can be generated over a given period of time:

  • Distance traveled,
  • Duration of stops,
  • Travel time,
  • Fuel and lubricants expenditure.

System can be configured to send notifications of special events – such as leaving predefined area or breaking speed limit – to mobile phone. The support for webcam is being added – so that recordings from the webcam installed on the vehicle can be viewed in real time or afterwards for a given time span.

The fleet tracking system is built around the central server, which receives, processes, and stores information from all the tracking devices. To use this system, the user must purchase a contract (which includes one or multiple tracking devices and provides a login to the system). Once the user is registered in the system, a list of tracking devices (i.e. vehicles) is associated with him. Initially the system was designed to support only one type of vehicle tracking device, GlobalTrack G200X, manufactured by Cybergraphy Technology, Inc., but currently support for other types of devices is being added.

The performance of each device can be tuned with the system by setting the interval (both time and distance) for sending data, setting energy saving mode, and by adjusting other options. The solution includes geo-fencing functionality: users can define up to 15 rectangular areas, which can be later combined to set the limits for the vehicle travel. The system is resistant to failures of GPRS connection – when the connection is lost, the tracking device writes data to a buffer, and these data is sent to the server after the connection is restored.

The Challenge

The system involved implementation of multiple technologies that had to be smoothly integrated. It runs on Sun Java 1.5 platform on Windows Server 2003. Web-server used is Apache Tomcat 5.5. Web-application is developed in JSP 2.0 using Struts and Tiles technologies. Database used is Oracle 10g. Maps are rendered with GeoTools 2.0, AJAX elements are employed to refresh route without reloading the map.

The Outcome

Global Track project became another example of successful development of custom GPS- and mobile-based application by Azoft. Along with robustness and usability, the application features unique possibilities, such as real-time route mapping and webcam support.

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