Diasoft | Financial System Porting

Financial System Porting

The Client

Diasoft is the largest provider of cutting-edge IT solutions for crediting and financial business in Russia. The core competence of the company is to deliver comprehensive automation systems for the following spheres:

  • Corporate services
  • Retail services
  • Financial markets services
  • Accounting generation
  • Reporting generation
  • Management of economic activities
  • Management of HR activities

Diasoft designs and deploys complex integration solutions and IT-solutions for insurance companies, non-governmental pension funds, corporate treasuries, and more; creates information and analytical systems to control business activities of large financial institutions.

The Scope

The project’s main goal was to rebuild & port original financial systems of Diasoft to a new technology. The client’s banking and financial systems were created in Clarion – an archaic technology that caused a number of negative effects (e.g. difficulties with support and functional development & enchancement).

Azoft’s technical specialists decided to choose Java as an optimal new technology to port to. In favor of the technology were its cost, performance, and major distribution at the enterprise market.

The Solution

As our experience in porting legacy insurance systems to newer technologies encompasses such skills as dealing with proprietary, rare technologies, lossless data migration, and profound understanding of the customer’s business & operational processes, the solution we worked out allowed to successfully port the client’s financial systems to Java, surpassing the Clarion system’s performance and usability.

Our team used Clarion automatic compiler to port the system to Java, but due to the system’s complexity, major corrections of the automatically translated code were necessary. The correction work required deep understanding of the industry domain, experience, and the highest degree of professionalism.

The systems we ported included:

To successfully accomplish the project, we had to rebuild workspaces of the converter’s projects (Visual Studio 6) and workspaces of peripheral entities generator (Visual Studio 2005), compile the projects and, by their means, convert the accounting subsystem’s source.

The Outcome

The project’s implementation was quite a challenging task for Azoft’s specialists due to a large amount of manual correction work involved. Those correction activities were necessary because we had to deal with radically different types of technologies to port.

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