Cross-Platform HTML5 Application for Travel Agency

Cross-Platform HTML5 Application for Travel Agency

The Client

The client was a travel agency based in Norway. The agency specializes in corporate travel, providing effective travel and meeting arrangements for corporate clients and business travelers. The solution was developed in close collaboration with a Norwegian app development company who found working with Azoft efficient and mutually beneficial.

"We are growing fast at the moment and become one of top 3 app companies in Norway. A stronger partnership and growth with Azoft has become a crucial part of our growth strategy. We shifted our business from our Egyptian partner to you."

CEO, Top 3 Mobile & Web App Development Company in Norway

The Scope

The travel agency wanted to provide a mobile application to their customers to help them stay up-to-date on travel plans and have easy access to important information anytime, anywhere. One of the important requirements was that the app should have an offline mode, since internet connection isn't always available while in transit.

The Solution

The new cross-platform HTML5 application for Norwegian travel agency helps users stay updated on their travel plans by providing detailed information about each travel segment booking: flight, hotel, train, bus, taxi, car rentals, etc.

Users can also share their itinerary with friends, family and colleagues. Another option for users is to share only a certain part of the itinerary. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone 7 devices. Moreover, it can be used both online and offline.


HTML5, jQuery, PHP, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 5.0+, Windows Phone 7

The Challenge

Before this project, Azoft has had plenty of experience developing cross-platform HTML5 applications. However, we haven't had as much experience developing offline modes for HTML5 applications. This being said, our software engineers were able to quickly overcome this challenge after studying the issue closely. Another challenge we faced was making sure that the final product was fully compatible with different mobile operating systems (iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone), as well as different versions of Android OS.

The Outcome

The new cross-platform mobile solution was successfully implemented within our client's budget and estimated time period. Customers of the travel agency now have a valuable mobile tool for easily accessing their travel information at any time, using various mobile devices, and even without an internet connection present.

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