BlackWidow Chat for mCentric

BlackWidow Chat for mCentric

The Client

mCentric is a Spanish IT company providing telecom companies with development and integration of various value added services. It subcontracted Azoft to develop a platform independent mobile chat application.

The Scope

Develop a back-end server application and a front-end J2ME client.

The Solution

The solution was designed to provide chatting functionality on Symbian based mobile phones and popular IM applications. The back-end part of the project was integrated with XMPP protocol to provide the required functionality that that allows mobile customers to exchange messages with other users of the service independent of their access channel: mobile phone or a desktop IM client.

The application is not as reliant on the server, allowing users to continue using the application while experiencing wireless coverage holes, thus allowing faster usage when network bandwidth is low.

The solution provides its users with the following functionality:

  • Creation of Public/Private Chat Rooms
  • Listing and Joining existing Chat Rooms
  • Flirting/Searching/Profile Search
  • Ignoring/Blocking/Banning/Pardon Users
  • Join/Find/Invite users
  • Nicknames management
  • Mobile blogs integration
  • Camera capability to capture and send photos directly from handset into chat
  • Multi-language support
  • Skins and customizations


iPhone, J2ME CLDC 1.1/MIDP 2.0, J2EE, MySQL

The Challenge

Apart from the complex back-end protocols integration Azoft had to think of a universal design for the front client, so that it would look the same on different devices with various screen sizes.

The Outcome

As a result mCentric received the ready solution that includes the back-end server side and the unique J2ME front-end client customized to work on any Symbian based phones.

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