Backend System Development for a Telecom Operator

Backend system development for a telecom operator

The Client

Our client is an Indonesian company. Their core business lies in industries, Information Technologies and Telecommunication sector. They started a POC project for a big Indonesian telecom operator. Feeling that they risk not meeting the deadline they asked us to help them with development of a backend system and a Blackberry application.

The Scope

To develop a Blackberry application and a backend system that should help the telecom operator to estimate the quality of his service. The Blackberry application works in background sending the data about the signal quality to the back-end at a set interval of time.

The Solution

The backend system helps to estimate the quality of the telecom operator service and to improve possible shortcomings. Our system takes into consideration the following data sent from the developed by Azoft Blackberry application:

  • Time stamp,
  • Location,
  • Receive Signal Strength Indication (RSSI),
  • Coverage,
  • Duration the page load completely,
  • SMS sending and delivery duration,
  • GPRS, etc.

The Blackberry app sends the data to the server. The server collects the data from device and inserts into MySQL server. The information about the signal quality is organized in form of reports.

The system is also integrated with Google maps and shows the points on the map from which the device sent the actual data: so all gathered information on device performance is tied to a specific location. It provides the company with very detailed information about the signal quality when signal characteristics are associated with geographical coordinates.


BlackBerry SDK, JSP, JSTL, Hibernate, JavaScript, GoogleMaps API, Apache Tomcat, MySQL

The Challenge

We modified the application to specific device models. Additionally we suggested some improvements to the system (e.g. the use of GPRS as the most available mobile data service) and helped the client to choose the optimal solutions.

The Outcome

This project was a good challenge to check our management skills. We found the common language with the client and built productive communications, where we defined the final goals and details of the project. The work was finished on time. The client enjoyed working with us and saw us as a good partner for co-projects.

During the project we expanded our experience of developing for telecom sector and set e record of the high speed development.

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