AirWave Wireless | Fleet Tracker, Teen Tracker

AirWave Wireless - Fleet Tracker, Teen Tracker

The Client

Since 2003 Tracker Systems Inc., a subdivision of AirWave Wireless Inc., is an application development company in the field of Location Based Services. The credo of the company is to offer high quality products and services at a moderate price. They strongly believe that location based solutions should not be expensive and provide them tailored to meet customer's requirements without blowing project budgets.

The Scope

The project objective was to develop a J2ME tracking application and to integrate it with AirWave Wireless server.

The Solution

It took less than a week for Azoft team to come with a working version of the software. The solution worked as following: at certain intervals of time a downloadable J2ME midlet requested phone GPS receiver and sent location data to AirWave server, thus allowing AirWave to draw GPS signals on a map and show trips of travelers or vehicles.

In the next version the communication protocol between phone and server was changed: the support for UDP packets was added, aiming at minimization of HTTP overheads and Internet traffic usage. Later authorization and midlet configuration settings were implemented to provide greater application usability for better user experience. Parents and fleet operators were able to receive email notifications with GPS pings. To visualize GPS data online Azoft created a special web mapping application.

The Challenge

The solution was designed to be accessible for as many customers as possible at the time of its deployment. Therefore, Motorola Nextel i730, Nextel i58sr and Nextel i88s Internet, GPS and J2ME capable phones were chosen as a target platform.

The Outcome

Within a short period of time Azoft team has provided AirWave Wireless Inc. with a scalable, cost-effective solution that value-added AirWave services.

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