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  • Order Management System for Marine Lubricants Products Supplier

    The client is a young but rapidly growing China supplier of marine lubricant products and services. Started as a small start-up, in 2-year period the company aggressively grown its network and today operates worldwide serving major ocean fleet forwarders.

  • Fleet Tracking System Re-engineering & Maintenance for UK Company

    One the most successful UK suppliers of fleet tracking and management software turned to Azoft to re-engineer its Fleet Tracking and Management System and continue its further development and improvement.

  • CRM & Order Management for Freight Forwarding Company

    An international freight forwarder based in US turned to us to develop its new Order Management System and integrate it with existent CRM.

  • Fleet Tracking and Dispatching System for Prophesy

    Prophesy is one of the biggest U.S. suppliers of software for transportation industry. Azoft started working for Prophesy in 2002 with development of MobileComm — fleet tracking and dispatching solution. The project involved web-based fleet management system with real-time map integrated with one of Prophesy's desktop products for dispatching. Embedded component developed for In-Cab devices allowed drivers to communicate with dispatchers about new tasks, routes, loads, etc.

  • Radiology Information System
    Partnering with Pro Medicus, Azoft has developed a RIS, which is an information management system for public and private health facilities that focuses on patient radiological data and imagery.
  • Insurance Certificate Management: Re-engineering & Data Migration

    The new system was successfully launched in 2005, and patented in 2008. Complete users and data migration finished in 2006, when Azoft signed a new contract for maintenance and further development of the online insurance system, which has an immense potential of functionality to be extended.

  • Custom Insurance Management System
    The key objective of the system was to satisfy the flow of property owners requiring insurance, tenants either purchasing or providing proof of insurance, and insurance managers and brokers engaged in the industry.
  • EY Audit Management System Automation
    EY asked Azoft to develop an elegant system that has all the necessary tools to create, edit, perform surveys in field and process the results. The system itself is a web-based survey constructor. The solution was developed as a mobile app for Windows-based tablets.
  • Mobile Workforce Control Product Suite

    One of the most successful and innovative UK players of remote workforce control industry develops its product suite with our team.

  • Medical Mobile App for AxSys Technology
    AxSys Technology aims to deliver software systems for clinics and healthcare institutions. Their flagman solution Excelicare is a highly configurable web-based system that allows any clinics to organize its workflow, paperwork, connect with patients, track their records, prescribe and follow-up course of treatment.To make this experience even more convenient, AxSys Technology decided to enhance their system with mobile applications for iOS and Android that would provide patients with all the same powerful features.
  • Reference & Classification Database for Federal E-Procurement Software
    Azoft was invited to work on the Standards & References section of the e-procurement system. The task was to implement the database of all reference and classification information on procurements and make it available across government organizations and vendors.
  • Business Communication System for Fast Synergy
    Fast Synergy turned to Azoft to develop a custom software solution for managing remote business communication. The solution supplies participants with necessary tools for better communication such as messaging, data exchanging, audio and video calling with conferencing capability.
  • RADIUS Accounting and Provisioning System, OSS Integration for Golden Telecom
    Different parts of the customer’s OSS were physically located in different places, so the simultaneous usage of the system’s parts, as well as keeping the entire system functional while changing the parts was quite a challenging point. Moreover, though we had to work with the system, we didn’t have an access to the customer’s security system, which means we had to work with models and emulators.
  • OSS/BSS Development, Re-engineering & Integration For Clearwire

    Azoft helped InrtaISP with development and maintenance of its OSS, CRM and Billing product line for WiMAX carriers. Later IntraISP was acquired by Clearwire and we required to provide customization and integration of products into Clearwire's B/OSS environment.

  • Service Provisioning System for Combellga ISP
    The leading Russian telecommunications services provider Combelga turned to Azoft to develop and integrate its new Service Provisioning System aimed to enable provider flexlibly configure its services, provide advanced service to its customers, and reduce cost of customer care.
  • OSS/BSS Data Integrity Processor & Data Migration from Cramer 5 to 6

    A US Telecommunications Consultancy providing BSS/OSS transformations and AMDOCS Cramer data migration services to Tier-1 telecom carriers turned to Azoft to develop an automation tool for labour intensive data validation procedure

  • Banking products performance optimization for CFT

    After porting its banking product line from PL/SQL to J2EE technology, CFT faced serious issues with application stability and performance, and turned to Azoft to resolve that.

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