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BlackBerry OS is known for its security and has been a successful mobile operating system for over a decade. Blackberry is targeted primarily at enterprises and continues to be a popular OS among many businesses throughout the world.

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Azoft develops custom BlackBerry applications. We have experience with highly secure enterprise-level solutions, as well as consumer apps for the general audience.


Local Events & Venues Directory

Azoft developed this solution for several mobile platforms, including BlackBerry. The app allows users to stay up-to-date with local events, read about local venues, write reviews, see other users' reviews, and upload pictures. The app covers events in several European cities and is continually expanding its reach.

The solution includes a web interface for administrators and a large database that stores thousands of images. The database is constantly updated with new information to keep users updated about local nightlife, concerts, cultural events, etc.

Technologies: BlackBerry, iOS, Java, MySQL, Ext-GWT (GXT), Hibernate, Jersey REST Framework.

Professional Transcription App for BlackBerry

This BlackBerry application was developed for a leading provider of professional transcription services in the U.K. The app's voice-recording functionality allows medical and legal professionals to record voice notes, files. These audio files are then transcribed into text format for professional reports.

The user can record a new audio file directly or import an existing recording. In addition, the app provides a convenient way to manage numerous audio files, add notes to each recording, and organize files into folders. This application is compatible with all Blackberry devices, including touch-screen BlackBerry.

Technologies: BlackBerry, iPhone, HTTP/HTTPS.

Mobile Money Transfers BlackBerry App

Azoft developed several mobile applications, including this BlackBerry app, for a leading financial service provider that specializes in money transfers. The app allows Blackberry users to carry out domestic and international money transfers using their hand-held devices.

Many convenient features were included in the application. For instance, users can set-up a mobile wallet, track money transfers, estimate possible fees associated with the transaction, manage their profile, view transaction history, and find the nearest bank locations, and view driving directions to the selected location.

Technologies: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, J2EE, J2ME CLDC 1.0/MIDP 1.0, SimTool Kit, WSDL, SOAP, XML, HTTP/HTTPS, SSL, SMS\USSD
Here are just several examples of BlackBerry projects we have successfully completed. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

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