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When it comes to software development, the term backend could have several meanings. In general, it refers to whatever is going on "backstage" and is usually designed for administrators' use. For example, in the case of web or mobile applications, there may be a client-side app with user-friendly interface and a server-side backend, not seen by the user.

Backend systems may include databases, data processing functionality, content management systems, and other components necessary to keep the application running. As software solutions get more and more complex, it is especially important for the backend system to be up to date with the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency.


Developing a backend system that is efficient, secure, and within a budget may require experience with a wide range of technologies.
  • Backend for Mobile & Web Apps
  • Content Management Systems, CMS
  • Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP
  • Client Relationships Management, CRM
  • Business Automation, BPM
  • Document Management
  • Order Management


Azoft has been developing custom backend solutions for many years. Whether it is a simple content management tool for a mobile application, or highly complex solution for a telecom operator, we always make sure the end result is secure, efficient, within your company's budget, and delivered on time.

How to start?

Based on your requirements our professional engineers will make a technical proposal. The estimation service is free & usually takes 1-2 business days.


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What Our Clients Say

  • Frank Hayes

    Before employing Azoft we had an ASP model, however, some of our clients required independent programs on their own servers. The challenge to Azoft was to build our application in a way that it could be used on our clients servers without significant additional cost to our clients. They elected to use an open source database and rebuilt the entire application in months, which was a pleasant surprise since the original application was built and changed over a 7 year period.

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