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Augmented Reality (AR) technology is often used in mobile applications for creating innovate and interactive user experience. A typical AR application displays digital labels on top of objects seen through the phone's camera.

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Whether you are looking for development of a new mobile application or simply need porting to another mobile platform, our developers have the right expertise.


Mobile Travel Guide with Augmented Reality Features

Azoft developed this iPhone application for tourists of the U.K. As an informative travel guide, it offers users several routes through historic places, providing maps, descriptions of various attractions, pictures, videos, location tracking, and advanced augmented reality features.

Using location tracking, the iPhone will buzz when the user is approaching a point of interest. Thanks to augmented reality technology, users can simply point their phone's camera at historic objects and view interesting facts about their surroundings. Other fun functionality includes photo montage for creating postcards and sharing them on Facebook.

Technologies: iOS, Google Maps API, XML, mySQL, GPS.

Augmented Reality App Porting: iOS to Android

This advanced mobile application for Android phones uses augmented reality technology to help people find the nearest subway stations in New York City. When users view their surroundings through the phone's camera, captions and arrows are displayed on the screen, indication the direction of the nearest subway station. Users can also view their location on the map and see estimated walking time to a subway station. Information is updated in real time.

Azoft developed an Android version of this application based on a popular iPhone application. Our client, who previously launched the original iPhone app, wanted to expand to other mobile platforms.

Technologies: Android, mySQL, JSON, Google Maps API, XML, GPS, Augmented Reality.

Here are just several examples of projects we have successfully completed. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

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