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AJAX is a combination of several web development technologies, including JavaScript and XML. Today, web developers often rely on AJAX technique when building Rich Internet Applications.

Related Case Studies

Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

Azoft has applied AJAX technique while working on many of our web projects. AJAX applications are supported by all major web browsers and operating systems.

AJAX, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, jQuery.

Interactive Web Application for Energy Supplier

Azoft developed a web-based energy consumption calculator for a European Energy Supplier. The concept for this application was proposed by the client's sales and marketing department to drive more traffic to their corporate website and simplify cost estimation process.

This interactive web app is designed for businesses to estimate electric and gas usage, cost, and potential savings. When estimating energy usage, the calculator takes into account many factors, such as area of the facility, building characteristics (type, age, operating schedule), type of heating and cooling system, lighting, special equipment, etc.

JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, HTML, CSS, XML.

Interior Design & Floor Selection Web Application

This interactive web application was developed for a floor manufacturer's website. The main purpose of this web solution is to promote our client's product line – a selection of hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors. Users are presented with an image gallery, depicting different interior design. Next, users can choose from a selection of floor types and check to see how it would look in the context of each interior design option.

Azoft developers relied heavily on AJAX technique in order to avoid interfering with whatever is displayed on the page while sending and retrieving information from the server.

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